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Fat Mini Schnauzer Weightloss Video

January 2, 2012

Our pup stopped growing and I don’t keep his kibble brand constant (buy the cheapest of the best brands at fancy local pet shop each time). We found that when he started to gain weight eating 3/4 cup twice a day that 2/3 cup was better. Then by 1 year old we switched him to adult small breed kibble (fish favorite, never beef, others OK) because he started to gain extra weight.

When I feel a layer of fat over his ribs that feels thicker than the the skin on the inside of my own wrist, I cut back his food a pinch. This is different than the advice I wrote about earlier for measuring dog fat, but I had trouble understanding what it should feel like on a small dog. Small dog ribs are not like finger bones (but great test for larger dogs!), and the vein, tendons, etc on the inside of my wrist are more similar to the size of his ribs.

We still treat Fig throughout the day for getting things right and listening because as he has become an adolescent he started to challenge authority and returning to food rewards was a good way to keep him on track behaviorally.

notice strongly tapered waist

Clear waist tapers in from hip bones

Fig is an inch taller than allowed in mini schnauzer competition (roughly 14.5″ square) and 17lbs at an ideal body weight. His waist (measured just behind the last rib) is 13.5″ round.

With 1/2 to 1/3 cup of adult kibble twice a day and roughly 6 treats a day he is stays fit and trim. Fig gets 2 quick potty walks, 15 minutes of behavior training, and an intense off leash hiking or dog park session ever other day with hour leash walks on the alternate days.

I still gasp at most of the mini schnauzers we meet. Most are SO fat, but I understand because this schnauzers pretends to be starving SO well and flirts for food professionally. Weight related illnesses are the main killers of schnauzers – diabetes being the main killer.

Just cutting back food gradually may not work, if your pup is severely overweight and unexercised. I really enjoyed this mini schnauzer’s weight-loss story and hope you will too.

I wish they had covered more details on this chubby pup’s journey. Female schnauzers depending on stature should weight 11 to 15 pounds (5.0 to 6.8 kg) and males should be 14 to 18 pounds (6.4 to 8.2 kg) The upper end of this scale is for STRONG dogs with heavy muscles who work out. It is not the fudge factor for the pup with a medium build.

The dog in this video clearly needs to loose another few pounds, but she did dropp a couple neck rolls and is already proving to be more relaxed. As they mention in the video, a pup in good condition will be less stressed and barky! People always ask how we get Fig so calm. I am certain his physical health is the key to his mellow mental health.

If you want to watch more fat pets loose weight, episodes can be streamed free online from the series “Project Pet Slim Down“. Deana schnauzer was in season 1, but fat Maggie Boston Terrier was my favorite dog episode. In season two they do more for the selected dog and cats and you can learn more about each dog’s journey.


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