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Eating his Bed

June 1, 2011

Our puppy is learning which toys are his, but he has a new trick. He will pile all this toys in a room I am not in. and then grab something he has already been told no about and put it on top and rip at it. I know he likes his toys because and will bring them to me to get attention. I always cheer him on when he has the right toy and am sure to give him positive attention. I have been mostly ignoring the grab of socks and towels and just replacing them – but it is tiring to watch him all the time and watching him so much could turn into separation anxiety later.

Last night he started to rip up the towels in his crate. Vets warn you about leaving puppies with things they can choke on if unattended, but the idea of putting him in a bare plastic crate – I just could not. Our pup digs a nest in the thickest area of towels each night. I know this digging satisfies his inner wolf.

Our puppy always has a Kong in the crate, but the towel is more interesting. I put his rope toy in one night, but still the towel. I soaked the rope toy in chicken broth water to encourage his attention, but still the towel. He is like a little bird making a nest.

Finally, got a shag rug sample and an old rubber bottom bathroom rug. The $10 bath rug happens to be the exact size as the crate. The shag carpet sample was put under it for padding.

It worked! Before this solution was dreamed up I was thinking Kelvar. I even saw a ballistic padded dog bed online.

Additionally, I decided to buy pet insurance. If he starts swallowing things he chews, vet bills are too high for us to pay at once. Insurance may not save us money, but $500 year is cheaper than one emergency visit in our area. With insurance $80 of every vet bills is paid and his annual checkup is included.


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