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Snoozer 4 in 1 Pet Carrier: Large vs Medium (Roll Around / Wheel Away Model)

May 28, 2011

I did loads of research on pet carriers. When you live in a city and take public transit you typically must put your pet in a bag that encloses the head. Mini schnauzers are too big for nearly all these bags, and Fig will be on the large end of miniature schnauzers when full grown. We expect him to be about 20 pounds. Most carriers are for 7-15lb dogs (15lbs seems to be the typical cut off).  But I learned that the weight a bag advertises to carry has more to do with a bag’s strength, than capacity the bag can hold.

Our dream dog carrier would be carried on the back and have a good waist strap. It also hook to our rear bicycle rack. Finally it would secure him in the car with some assurance of safety. While not necessary, it would be great if the bag also fit under and airplane seat.

Unfortunately, the best we could find for a dog over 15lbs was the Large Schnoozer Wheel Away / Roll Around 4 in 1 Carrier. Petco sells them online for about $100. The advantage of ordering from them is that they have free returns to the store. This bag is cheaper on Amazon, but you don’t get free returns. Also Petco offered free shipping on orders over $50 and high shipping cost from Amazon made potential savings negligible.

WARNING: The large size wheel away for dogs more than 15lbs is reported to be 23″ high – it is NOT true. The true height of the bag, as far as the dog is concerned, is roughly 17″ tall inside. They quote the measurement from the wheels to the top of the luggage handle – boooo on them.

Large size’s interior: 18″ tall, 14″ wide, 14″ deep

Snoozer Roll Around 4 in 1

Schnoozer (L) backside down, chillin at restaurant

Your dog’s height is the only measurement I would concern myself when it comes to selecting a bag. This bag is more deep than a hiking backpack and a fat dog will fit easily. Measure the top of your dog’s head while seated and if less than 18″ high, your dog will fit comfortably in the large. If your dog is taller, its your call, but dogs don’t like Fig ducking the entire ride (we tried that in another bag). Most of the time Fig curled up in bottom when we carried him on our back or in the car. The bag has soft sides and can bulge a little in either direction for puppy comfort. He is forced to sit up when the bag is wheeled due to the angle it rolls.

As a dog backpack carrier:

Our dog loved being carried on our backs at eye level of the crowd in a secure space. He relaxed in less than a minute and it was easier than expected to get through a crowd with this fat bag.

This bag is not perfect because there is no waist strap in back pack mode. Also if you have large female hips the wheels may rub your bum. They touched mine, but it was fine. My husband did not feel the wheels at all. He thought the bag was great and didn’t even feel the dog. Our puppy is only 13lbs at the moment, so when he gets to 20lbs – this review may be updated.

As rolling luggage dog carrier:

The wheels are sturdy, but they are hard plastic and very loud. We only rolled it a couple blocks before deciding that it was cruel due to noise and comfort. Every time you tip the bag the dog is tossed into the bottom corner. When we stop at street corners, the bag goes down and the dog is tossed back to the bottom. Our dog learned to put his paws up on the back of the bag so he could be more comfortable when tossed, but he didn’t figure this out immediately and never relaxed.

Safety was an issue for me because, the extending luggage handle was too short.  When the pup readjusted or leaned too far on one side the bag tipped sideways and stopped rolling because my rolling angle was too shallow. This happened twice in busy intersections.  I am 5’9″ and the handle was about 2″ too short. As wheeled luggage, it best suits adults 5’7″ or less. Perhaps smaller people would wheel the backpack more often than a taller person anyway because carrying a large 20lb backpack would be uncomfortable on a smaller frame. For my family the backpack function was great and we don’t see the need for rollers, unless I just wanted to sneak the dog in as luggage without people guessing it was a dog.

As a car carrier:

The bag has two reinforced loops at the bottom of the backside that a seat bet fits through. Our car has shoulder straps one all belts and getting the belt though the loops is challenging, but not a hassle. There is also a coat hanger like wire that you put across the front when you unbox it.  When I saw the bag online, I imagined that this bar would hold our dog safely in a car accident, but he always lays down, so that bar does nothing functional aside from keeping the bag’s shape open in the head area. The mesh is all that will hold our dog during an accident and the stitching was well done.

Schnoozer 4 in 1 carrier large upright

Pup in car curls up at bottom (Schnoozer size L) with kong that makes the ride OK.


I ordered the medium size bag,  just to make sure he can’t fit since the medium carrier is accepted on an airplanes (a functional bonus!).  Sadly Fig was too tall for it. A short mini schnauzer might fit tightly, but ours had to hunch and could not curl up in the bottom.  It was terrible.

Medium size interior: 14.5″ tall x 14″ wide x 11″ deep


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  1. Megan permalink

    Thank you for posting this! I too have a M. Schnauzer and am looking all over the place for a reasonable VERSATILE pack for the variety of places we take our Olive. It feels like companies haven’t gotten the clue yet that dog owners care about safety, comfort for dog and owner, and versatility! Have you since found any other options you like better? Olive is light (14-16lbs) but tall. Anytime you learn of better options, I’d love to hear of them!

    • Nothing with this much versatility. I have a “basil” front handlebar mount on the bike that this bag will fit on too. We like that it stays stiff, so he has a tent when it is laid on its back, but they really need to improve the backpack comfort with padding and moving the wheels back. If we know we are going to carry him on a back at any point for a long time opt to use a typical top loading hiking backpack instead so I get a waist belt and comfort. with these bag you can tighten the draw string around their neck to keep them in and ours don’t car about sitting up, he rides like a kid. It doesn’t cover a head for public transit though. With the snoozer we like that it can be used in our pickup middle seat too, It gives him a little lift o he can see out the window (we put it on top of the arm rest), and provides safety.

  2. Hello, Thanks for the post. Do you think the large size will be allowed on a airplane?. I have a tall cockapoo of 18lbs.

    • In black the large snoozer roll on will only fit in on some planes, medium will fit nearly all. Nothing fits under Jet Blue seats. Few fit under the seats of the tiny connector planes. Most fit under all the other airlines including the larger roller (although some people take their job way too seriously when it coms to measurements of the bag). If you tuck it under your arm and buy it in black you might be fine with large. There are metal stays in this model, so they could collapse in, if it’s a tight fit – your dog will not be pleased. No airline checks the dog size once you get the pup in comfortably, so a cockapoo will probably fit.

      That said I have not posted on flying yet, but flying is dangerous (hyperventilation death) with dogs that are high strung even when under seats. Look forward to a few posts on that soon.

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