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Jumping Jackal

May 23, 2011

At home our pup does not nudge for attention. He sits quietly at the door when people come and go. He waits until we call him over for attention. training at home has gone smoothly.

Our issue is the public attention he garners. He loves it and wants to meet everyone. We want him to like new people and kids, so we do seek positive stranger interaction. Our issue is that he is still a ridiculously cute puppy. People coo and kiss at him. He starts wagging his tail and often does a little dance. Then when they bend down to give him a pet, he climbs their knee and gives kisses. Most people truly wanted this reaction and they get it.

Kids are already lick-level and last week he knocked a toddler in a licking frenzy. Luckily, the parent was super cool and the kid was not really phased. Our pup is tiny at the moment, but he’s gaining weight by the second. In weeks, he will be too heavy to get away with this behavior around small kids.

I was told to carry treats that strangers can give our pup, only after he sits. He got that game fast. Now he sits immediately and wags his tail so hard he might lift off like a helicopter. All his physical excitement shifted to his rear. Once he effectively draws them over, he plays chill for half a second and then springs his lick attack. Is this progress? Will it just take time?

I gleaned great online advice about jumping, just in case he doesn’t chill out soon.  The first teaches you why dogs jump and a foot squeeze restraint method. The second teaches you to avert attention and block eye contact:


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