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Crate and Carrier Sizing

May 20, 2011

We got a pup and didn’t know how big he would grow exactly. We wanted a crate that he could grow into, so we would not need two sizes. We ended up with a Petmate 28″ long x20.5″ wide x21″ tall. BEWARE crates are measured by outside dimensions that include the rim. The interior is actually 24″ long, 16″ wide at base (including pee ring), and roughly 19″ high inside. We were shocked how small it actually was, but is seems to be a great fit.

He loves the darkness of the plastic crate and even when outside the crate he tends to hunker down ad nap under low coffee tables. The wire cages are no good in my opinion because the dog is always looking around and never able to relax. When we fostered we had to cover the wire cage with blankets to create a den and call a dog with separation anxiety.

Our pup is 24″ long from nose to the tip of his tail, so he can fully stretch out in the crate presently. We piled in towels, a hot water bottle for overnight calming (reminds of other dogs and works like a charm for a crying pup) and a rope toy in case he wants to mouth (he does not rip toys up yet). When he has adjusted the hot water bottle will be removed, giving him more floor space.

This crate takes a full seat in the car and is no good for regular transport, so we ordered a large snoozer pet roll around (wheel away) backpack luggage carrier from Petco online with free shipping. Pet expenses are adding up, but we saved a few clams getting our crate off of craigslist. When the backpack arrives we will post more about it here.


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