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Peeing on Best Friend

May 19, 2011

Today while playing outside with an older schnauzer friend who he respects (he will lick this guys lips submissively and respect that he does not want to play and they play great together) our little guy lifted his leg and PEED on the old guy. Our pup is fixed and 5 months. He walked over to the other guy to tinkle. The yard is huge. Nothing else was going on at the moment. It was no accident. He already peed shortly before in another area, so it was not an accidental loss of bowels. There was no dog pee in this area, so he was not marking grass beneath this dog. He intentionally PEED on his friend’s face while the dog was looking down. He drenched him. The wet one walked away and shook it off like nothing happened. Ours did not even look back.


I googled this issue and found other dogs doing similar things. They all say that it is a dominance thing. Some dogs have even walked up to babies in the grass and peed on them. People report the issue, but I have not found a good response on how to deal with this. I would like to think this is a one time deal, but we always treat everything as a potential new habit.

The term “alpha” is used so freely with dogs that I almost can’t stand to read forums about issues because they always chalk it up to “alpha” behavior. I wish there was a degree program and consolidated website with pet behavioral research studies. asserts this instead:

The presence of one dog’s urine stimulates the other dog to urinate.  Thus, the dog that pees on another dog does so because they have learned that the sight of another dog reliably predicts a dog will urinate.  By the process of backward predictability, the dog who pees on other dogs &/or humans now urinates at the sight of another dog rather than at the scent of urine (i.e., they are “jumping the gun”).  Once a dog reaches this point, the best “cure” is to prevent them from rehearsing this behavior.

Sounds good, but I believe ours was just hopped up on testosterone in the midst of running and playing and it was all just reaction – no real intent. As I said, neither dog truly flinched. They were still at play, until us humans freaked. The columnist with might agree that simple biochemical excitement might have triggered him.


Our pup never peed on a friend again, but I accidentally got him peed on. I was walking him with a standard schnauzer friend and he was sniffing the other guys pee stream. I jerked the lease to pull him off because he was too close and he tripped into it. He was soaked. It was so gross. He shook it off and I took him to the hose to rinse and then bathed him in the house. The two dogs didn’t seem to care, but while I might be imagining it. These guys became the best of friends only after this happened. After drying off our pup tried to sleep next to his friend and he was able to get much closer then previously. Then next time they played together it was more friendly also. hum….


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