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Mini Schnauzer Stereotype and Fetch

May 9, 2011

People like to stereotype dogs according to their breed. While I do think some things are inherited, a lot of how a dog behaves comes from raising them. You have to respond to the unique personality they are born with. If you look at any puppy litter there is always one that is jumping for your face and doesn’t stop. There is another that never walks to you and is uninterested in the puppy pile. Some cry terribly when picked up and never settle down, while others don’t even care if you accidentally step on them.

That being said tendencies are tendencies. Mini schnauzers are said to be barky alpha creatures that love their people and guard off all others, kill small animals, and hate other dogs. We are happy to say ours is not like this.

Mini schnauzers are supposed to be ratters, but ours loves fetch. He learned in a day and loves it. First I ran with him dropped the toy and he carried the rest of the way. Then I changed it to get it and bring it. I never took it from him. Instead I got him excited and he would drop it naturally. He has energy for about 10-15 minutes of this at 4 mos.  He LOVES his natural felt mushroom, made by a cooperative in Nepal and all natural. It is light so he can carry it and this raw wool gets his juices flowing.

Our mini schnauzer does not chases small animals any more than an average dog. He is not aggressive in the slightest with strange dogs, people, or toddlers. He is not bouncing off walls (we exercise him).

He has yet to howl and has only barked a single bark twice in his first two weeks. Both times he knew my husband was walking up the drive (no bark for mailman or anyone else). They say personalities come out when they are older, so we will see if I eat my words about stereotypes.

I am linking this Animal Planet video, because I thought the discussion of inherited schnauzer traits (hearing ability and hair growth) was cool. It is interesting how people have used these biological traits for human interests in the past.

I will have to think about how I can monopolize on our pups natural abilities myself.

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