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Naming our Pup

May 6, 2011

Before we adopted this little guy we had met him once and he was quiet. He had been on a couple big walks and it was afternoon nap time. It was hard to get a read on his personality and we wanted the name to fit. We had snapped a couple photos of him at the rescue to help us brainstorm.

I ended up writing down every wild name my husband or any one who looked at the photos mentioned. Even when they were kidding. The list grew to 200 names or more.

When we brought him home a few weeks later, he was the perfect pup for the first few days. He was a little under the weather and a couple days later his energy came back. We know what puppy means and this stage goes on for 2-3 years – sometimes longer. Yikes! Now that we knew he was more spirited, our names no longer fit.

A friend said we should put our first short list of names in a hat and and draw. I picked up “Briar”. My husband said that we need a dog sitter now and again and “Briar” sounded like a dog that makes trouble…back to the drawing board.

It is embarrassing to have a nameless dog and walk him in public. People always ask what his name and say “got any ideas?” and feel like an idiot. Why is a name not coming? Maybe we should just forgo a name…

I came up with “Pax” tonight. It means peace. He greets everyone on the street, loves kids, and loves all dogs. Even when dogs are aggressive and don’t want to play, he keeps trying to win their love. Perhaps this is finally it!

Then on our pee break in the middle of the night, he REFUSED to come back inside. He pulled with all his might against the leash and would not back down. He wanted to go over to the neighbor’s yard where a couple Alaskan dogs sleep. He met them once and thinks they are going to be his best friends (they play too rough and the owner said no playing). I picked him up and dropped him a couple steps higher. He tumbled (Aah! dogs are not like cats!!!!). He was spooked. I had to carry him inside. God grant me the wisdom to stay wise to him. I am not sure Pax is going to fly now.

Our top names presently include:


Link – sausage
Puck – #uck
Elvin – no ears
Yuli – girlish
Bing – Bingo
Steiff -Stiff
Leaf – Leave it!
Sprout – Out!
Pip – no magic
Hans – too pop
Finn – too pop
Rollick – hard
Linus – sharp i
Nomad – unloyal
Monk – not chill
Felix – Cat name
Odin – giant
Ulan – red
Rudolph – big name
Wendell – whimpy
Zorro – no mask
Nori – girlish
Buster – too pop
Gilbert – cat
Ulzii – confusing
Tamir – Come here!
Sorrel – squirrel
Thatch – That!
Wiggins – too formal
Rowan – pop toddler
Django – too famous
Woolly – itchy


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One Comment
  1. He is definitely a FIG, but he is always covered in briars. I can’t see any other name on him besides Fig now. Good choice

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