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Kennel cough

May 2, 2011

We did notice that our pup snored initially. The second day he snored worse and coughed like he was going to puke. Third day he was not drinking water and less active and I suspected Kennel cough (not the flu) because his immune system was likely compromised and he had the dry hack cough that I initially though was choking.

Kennel cough is everywhere (not just kennels), so if you dog has played with another dog and is personally not in tip top shape he could become affected. Our puppy has had his shots and had his last set and was fixed a week ago, so we were less worried. Illness could be expected in his case. If you pup has not had all his shots GO TO THE VET NOW. Puppies expire much faster than you would expect when they are sick and very tiny.

Because I decided his case was not severe at that point (go with you gut), I heated some water and put a half teaspoon (half a cube) chicken bullion. I also dropped some leftover brown rice in it for good measure. He lapped it up. His cough was really harsh though, so I put him in the bathroom and ran the hottest water I could the tub to create a steam room and loosen his phloem. Later I gave him a bath and made sure to clean away the drip around his eyes to prevent infections or bacterial buildup in the tear ducks. Then he was treated like a baby and cuddled in a towel to dry. It is important to keep a sick dog away from other pets and high energy situations.

We were very concerned about his dehydration because the day before he was outside in the sun for a long time playing and not drinking. I saw improvement by evening when he finally ate some kibble and peed. It took half a day for him to pee, which is abnormal so I continued to under feed and over water him. By morning we could see a return to health, although the cough is still there  his eyes are still a bit gunky with yellow stuff. After 4 days he was fully recovered. Yeah!


You can use human cough medicine to treat coughs in dogs (1 teaspoon/20pounds), but I try to avoid meds. I decided only to use it at night if necessary. If he got worse we were headed to the vet to get antibiotics.


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  1. 3 days and he was up and running, showing us a new more lively self than we had ever seen. beware when adopting – you might have your work cut out for you because getting sick the first week in a new place is commonplace (stress related immune compromised).

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