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Meet neighbors, crate secrets, housebreaking

May 1, 2011

All but one of our neighbors has a dog. They are all large dogs and all true mutts.  One is definitely part border collie and highly dominant. One is part pit and looks to be part tiger. One is part rottweiler. Two are Alaskan breeds and they say part wolf. In walks a tiny pup.

It was a sunny Sunday and the grill was going. I was initially a little fearful, but decided that they would not hurt the pup because they all listened to overs and ours is less than aggressive. His big move is rolling over. All the dogs LOVED the pup, so he got more than enough exercise running behind them as they chased tennis balls. At sunset the pit mix, who has a special fondness for puppies started to wrestle with him. It was really sweet. She was great with him and not mouthy. She would pin him with her head and then hop around.

Isy teaching ours to play

We hopped for a better night’s sleep because the first night was hard. Our pup was not crate trained with a closed kennel and he slept with a pack of odd pups. We figured out after a little crying to fill a hot water bottle, wrap it in a towel and put it in the crate. With in 20 seconds he slept sound.

We still had to get up every 4 hours to let him pee though. You are supposed to let puppies out every few hours to pee outside to housebreak them. The formula is #monthes old = #hours between pee trips. You treat them excitedly when they go outside so they associate it will good times and make them uncomfortable inside if you catch them in the act. Seems to be working well. He pees nearly every time and has not tried to tinkled or marked inside. When I first saw him at the rescue he peed every few minutes, marking furniture legs. We know that there is one table leg in our apartment that has been marked and he has zero reaction thus far.


Don’t put your dogs nose in poo or pee in the house. They are naturally wired to defecate in areas that smell like poo. Its a wolf thing. think about it. Dogs always sniff before they pick a place to go.  If you do put their nose in it, this you will be telling your dog “do it here” and have more trouble making the house pee free. This is also why once they have hit a spot in the house it is really hard to get them to stop using the area (i.e. an area rug).


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