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Adoption Day

April 30, 2011

I didn’t include a photo of our baby mini schnauzer in my first post to keep suspense. I wanted you to read the first post before fawning all over him.

We had to wait a couple weeks to pick him up because he needed shots and fixing. We picked him up with plans to make the long drive home enjoyable by taking country roads and stopping midway at a Sonoma winery.

We walked the pup around the rescue property to empty his badder and loaded him up.  Big Dog Rescue is the best rescue I have ever seen and I highly recommend you go to them if you are in the Bay area and looking for a special fuzzy friend. Our pup was very well cared for and his adoption fee included a collar, leash, food, treats, and a toy! They also work very hard match people with the best pet for them. They suggested this puppy for us – it was not our first choice, but now we know that they were absolutely correct. It was a personality fit for sure.

So back to the ride home. We had a phone with GPS and decided to take tiny back roads to the winery. Midway on our adventure (gorgeous scenery!) the rental car stopped dead. Apparently they gave it to us with no fuel and it does not ding when close to empty. I wandered to a house on a creek in the redwoods and found a man with a full gas can, while the boys pushed the car to the side of the road. The man who helped us was exactly the Californian you would expect to live in middle of nowhere redwoods. He had converted his vintage Mercedes to run on biodiesel and was scruffy around the edges. He said we should name the pup Matanzas because we had stopped at the headwaters of Matanzas Creek.

By sunset found our way to Mayo Family Winery. If you know me you know I love Mayo, so I figured it had to be great. The boys were worried about me bringing the puppy inside, but I figured they would not say no. Besides the floors were polished concrete and he was so small you would hardly notice from behind the high counter.

The winery had a small fenced pebble courtyard with picnic tables and fountains and I let the pup explore. He was shy, but had no trouble saying hi to people eating cheese and wine. This was my first taste of people fawning on our dog. He flirted with a table of Italians and they wanted to take him home. Most people thought he was a Scotty, unless they knew a schnauzer because he is black, not the typical gray (Unlike a Scotty, he is proportionately square, not a sausage dog). American’s typically cut the tails off schnauzers and this was another reason they guessed Scotty. I will be happy when American follows Europe’s lead and makes cutting tails and ears off for fashion illegal. We are so happy our guy is au naturel. He even has all his fur.

Suddenly out from the tasting room bolts two happy dogs. They had no leash. They were winery dogs! They wanted to play, so badly. It took pestering for our little guy to start playing, but finally they got into some hilarious mouthy play. Before we left another couple’s dogs joined. Our pup was great with them all.

When we got home we tried to introduce him to our friend’s cat. He barked and wanted to play, so cat was not having it. Cat arched his back and hissed. Well, you can’t win them all on the first day.


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